10 Best Laptops For Digital Art 2021

Hello Friends! Are You A Digital Artist? And Want To Perform Your Creative Art Designing Tasks Efficiently, Then You Are At The Right Place. If Yes! This Article Carries All The Information That You Need. It Does Not Matter Whether You Are A Beginner Or An Experienced Digital Artist, This Article Is Filled With A Bundle Of Information Related To The Devices You Need.

Friends, Our Team Found The Best Laptops For Digital Art Because The Best Laptops For Art And Design Are Not Easy To Find. This Can Be A Hectic Activity Without Giving Satisfaction At The End. No Doubt, We Can Go For Any Laptop Which Has An Extensive Display And Support Graphics. But A Digital Artist Needs More Than That. Today Technology Is Very Fast And The Laptops Equipment Is Very Expensive. Here We Are Going To Discuss The Best Laptop For Drawing And Animation, Which Comes With Those Specific Features That A Digital Artist Requires To Carry Out Its Activities Without Any Trouble.

Dear Friend, You Are Here And No Need To Worry. It Has Prepared A List Of The Top 10 Best Laptops For Digital Art. While  Its Single Read Will Clear Your Common Questions About Your Work-Related Laptops. Each Laptop Is With Brilliant Power Capacity. Let’s Come And Please Join Us, My Team Is Great Working Just For You And For Your Gide. 

What Are the Best Laptops For Digital Art 2021?

Image Product Details   Price
Microsoft Surface Book 3 Processor:
10th Gen Intel Core i5 


13.5″ Touch-Screen
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Dell XPS 13 9300 Processor:
Intel Core i7-1065G7 10th Gen


13.4-inch FHD InfinityEdge
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Lenovo Yoga 920 Processor:
8Gen i7-8550U


13.9″ FHD Touch 
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Lenovo Flex 5  Processor:
 AMD Ryzen 5 4500U


14″ 2-in-1 
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Apple MacBook Pro Processor:
10th Gen  Intel Core i5 


13-inch FHD
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ASUS Pro Art Studio Book 17  Processor:
Intel Core i7-9750H


 17” 16:10 Nano Edge Bezel,
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Lenovo Flex 14 Processor:
AMD Ryzen 5 3500U 


14 2-in-1 Convertible
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HP Pavilion Processor:
 Intel i5-8265U


15.6″ HD Touchscreen
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Acer Spin 1  Processor:
Intel Celeron N4000 


11.6-Inch HD IPS
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Acer Chromebook Spin 11 Processor:
Celeron N3350


 11.6″ HD Touch
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1. Microsoft Surface Book 3 Best Laptop For Digital Art

This New Microsoft Surface Book 3 – 13.5 Touch-screen Is Best For Digital Art, This Laptop Processor Brand Name Is Intel And The Processor Count Is 4, This Most Powerful Surface Laptop Yet, With Quad-core Powered, 10th Gen Intel Core Processors. The Processor Is the Main Part Of the Laptop. The Processor, Also Known As The CPU, Provides The Instructions And Processing Power The Computer Needs To Do Its Work. The More Powerful And Updated Our Processor, The Faster Our Computer Can Complete Its Tasks. By Getting A More Powerful Processor, We Can Help Our  Laptop Think And Work Faster. So The Processor Is A Very Important Part Of A Laptop.

This Laptop Memory Type Is DDR4 Which Is 8 GB, Its Addition To Faster Gameplay With Fewer Jerky Movements, The RAM Upgrade Benefits The Visuals Of A Game As Well. The Laptop With Higher Memory Installed Has Better 3d Rendering Capabilities Than Those With A Minimal Amount Of Ram. Images In A Game Become Cleaner And Brighter With A Memory Upgrade. Its RAM Is Very Latest And Modern which Allows you To Do easily Multitasking on this Device.

This Laptop’s Standing Screen Display Size Is 13.5 And Its Screen Resolution Is  3000 X 2000 Pixelswith Full HD IPS Results. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 256 GB SSD. It’s Laptop Graphic Coprocessor Is Integrated Integrated Graphics Used To Have A Bad Reputation, But This Has Improved A Lot In Recent Years. That’s More Than Good Enough For General Computing, Including Some Casual Gaming And 4k Video Watching, But It Still Struggles In Some Areas. It Isn’t Suitable For Working With Graphic-intensive Programs.

Its  Intensive Video And Graphics Files To High-octane Gaming, The Most Powerful Surface Laptop Yet Combines Speed, Graphics, And Long Battery Life With The Versatility Of A Laptop, Tablet, And Portable Studio. Tackle Our Biggest Demands With Quad-core Powered 10th Gen Intel Core Processors And High-resolution Pixelsense Display Designed For Surface Pen And Touch.


  • 13.5″ Touch-Screen
  • Smartest flexible laptop
  • 10th Gen Intel Core i5
  • 8GB Memory
  • 256GB SSD
  • Windows 10
  • Unique detachable design
  • Powerful graphics processor
  • Many configuration options
  • Pricey
  • Keyboard base adds significant weight

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2.Dell New XPS 13 9300 Best Laptop For Digital Art

This Dell New Xps 13 9300 13.4-inch Fhd Infinityedge Touch Screen Laptop . This Laptop Processor Brand Name Is Intel And Its Processor Count Is 1,Intel Core I7-1065g7 10th Gen,Its Processor Is Amazing Performance ,The Processor Power Is Divided In Its Cores And Its We Get More Cores And Hyper Threading (Hyper Threading Means If Your Cpu Has 4 Cores, . There Is A Downside To Getting A Brand New System If We Are Coming From Old Hardware.

This Laptop Memory Type Is DDR4. Its RAM Is 16 Gb. The Essentially The Core Of Our Laptop. That Can Be Considered Just As Important As Our Processor, Or Hard Drive.  The Right Amount Of Ram On Our Laptop, The Performance Of Our System And The Ability To Support Various Types Of Software Is Optimized.

That’s The Overall Performance Of Your Computer Is Determined By How Well Our Laptop And Ram Work Together. That Is More Ram Our Cpu Has Access To, The Easier Its Job Becomes, It Enables A Faster Laptop. If We Do Not Have A Sufficient Amount Of Ram Than Our Cpu Has To Work Much, Much Harder To Transfer Data, Which Severely Damages The Laptop Performance.

This Laptop’s Standing Screen Display Size Is 13.4  And Its Screen Resolution Is 1900×1200 With Full Hd Ips Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 512 Gb. It’s Laptop Graphic Coprocessor Is Integrated. Its 

The Corning Gorilla Glass 6 Is Tough, Damage Resistant, Durable, Elegant, And Allows For No Flex In Its Display. Its Dual Fans Separated To Spread Heat Over A Larger Area, To Dual Heat Pipes To Hidden Exhaust Venting Through The Hinge, The Power Button Lets You Log On With Just A Touch. The 2.25mm High-Quality Hd Webcam Gives Us The Best Camera Experience. So This Laptop Is Best For Digital Art.


  • 13.4-inch FHD
  • Infinity Edge Touchscreen
  • Intel Core i7-1065G7 10th Gen
  • Get 16GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD
  • Windows 10 Pro 
  • Very compact case
  • Two Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • Fast Wi-Fi 6
  • Great battery life
  • Mediocre webcam
  • More expensive than the predecessor
  • Limited port selection

3.Lenovo Yoga 920 Best Laptop For Digital Art

This Lenovo Yoga 920 – 13.9 Laptop Is Very Powerful, Fast, And Amazing In Performance, Its Laptop Have Lots Of Outstanding Qualities, Its Processor Brand Name Is Intel And Its Processor Count Is 4, This Processor Is 8th Gen Intel Core I7-8550u Mobile Processor with 8GB System Memory and Comes with 256 GB Solid State Drive (SSD). While The Bottom Line With Cores Is That The More We Have, The Faster Our Laptop Can Process Instructions Because All The Cores Can Be Working At Once, Making Multitasking Possible. (Multitasking Is When We’re Running Several Programs At Once, For Example, Playing Music, Downloading Files From The Internet, Running An Antivirus Scan. It’s Also Best For Digital Art, And Working In A Word Processor  All At The Same Time.

Now We take a Look At the RAM of this Device. it has 8 GB RAM. This Memory Is Important For A Laptop,Its Memory Also Helps Us System Support Software. It’s All Piece Of Software Requires A Minimum Amount Of Space And Memory To Be Able To Run Smoothly. If Our Laptop Does Not Have Enough Ram To Support All The Software Systems You Are Running, Or Trying To Run, That’s Moving So Slow That It Might Not Be Worth Running That Software System. Its Additionally, If There Is Not Enough Storage Room, The Software Might Not Run At All. This Is Such A Key Element To How Our Laptop Functions That If One Storage Location Out Of A Million Is Damaged Our Entire System Can Potentially Crash.

This Laptop’s Standing Screen Display Size Is13.9inches  And Its Screen Resolution Is 1920 X 1080 With Full Hd Ips Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 256 Gb, This Laptop Graphic Coprocessor Is Intel Uhd Graphics 620, Its Graphic Card Has Lots Of Benefits And Advantages Its Best For Digital Art,

Its Operating System Windows 10 Home  Built For Windows Ink, Lenovo’s Active Pen 2 Stylus Included. Its 360° Flip-and-fold Design; Weighs 3.02 Lbs. And Thunderbolt USB Type-c Ports; 1 USB 3.0 Port; Wireless-ac. Built-in Hd Webcam With Four Microphones; Built-in Fingerprint Reader Its Headphone/Microphone Combo Jack. Its  Battery Life Is Amazing And Its Fast Charge Supporting 


  • 13.9″ FHD Touch
  • 8Gen i7-8550U
  • 8GB DDR4
  • 256GB SSD
  • Intel UHD Graphic
  • Windows 10
  • Blazingly fast SSD
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Not exactly inexpensive Sharp edges
  • Lacks graphical power
  • Lacks HDMI

4.Lenovo Flex 5 Best Laptop For Digital Art

This Lenovo Flex 5 14 2-in-1 Laptop Is Best For Digital Art. Its Laptop Processor Brand Name Is Amd And Its Processor Count Is 1, AMD Ryzen 5 4500u Is Very Powerful And Faster Processor, We Know That The Processor Is An Important Part For Laptop, The Central Processing Unit, Or Cpu, Is A Piece Of Hardware That Enables Our System To Interact With All Of The Applications And Programs Installed. The Cpu Interprets The Program’s Instructions And Creates The Output That We Interface With When We Are Using A Laptop. The Laptop Processing Speed Is Just Depending On Its Processor Performance.

At The Memory Side You will Get 16 Gb RAM. Normally, The More Ram Our System Has, The Larger The Digital Countertop We Have To Work On And The Faster Our Programs Will Run. Our System Is Running Slowly Due To A Lack Of Ram, We Might Be Tempted To Increase Virtual Memory Because It’s Less Expensive. Adding Ram Is A Better Solution Because Our Processor Can Read Data From Ram Much Faster Than From A Hard Drive.The Ram Has Two Main Attributes That Affect Your System’s Performance: Memory Capacity And Memory Speed.

This Laptop’s Standing Screen Display Size Is 14 Inches And Its Screen Resolution Is 1920 X 1080 Pixels  With Full Hd Ips Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 256 Gb. It’s Laptop Graphics Coprocessor Is AMD Integrated Graphics. If We Are Unfamiliar, Is The Amd-coined Term For A Cpu With Integrated Graphics. It’s Also Faster Than Even Some Low-end Graphics Cards Available. This Laptop Battery Casting Is Normally 5 To 10 Hours.

The 360° Hinge Lets You Use Your 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop In Whatever Mode Works Best For You! Use It In ‘laptop’ Mode For Everyday Computing, ‘tent’ Mode For Sharing Things, Stand’ Mode For Binge-watching, Or ‘tablet’ Mode For More Intuitive Interaction. Its Enjoy Up To 10 Hours* Of Battery Life, Plus Quick Charge To 80% In Just 1 Hour We Have The Performance To Do More, From Anywhere. With More Cores, We’ll Experience Responsiveness That Leaps Into Action For Productivity, Gaming, And Content Creation.


  • 14.0″ FHD Touch
  • AMD Ryzen 5 4500U
  • 16GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD
  • AMD Radeon Graphics
  • Windows 10
  • Dual internal storage bays
  • Great-looking display
  • Decent battery-life
  • Speedy SSD
  • Constant fan noise
  • Very small cooling solution
  • Weak speakers with little bass
  • Gets pricey with options

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5. Apple Macbook Pro Best Laptop For Digital Art

This New Apple Macbook Pro Is A Very Useful Laptop, Its Laptop Processor Brand Name Is Tenth-generation Quad-core Intel Core I5 Processor, It’s Very Fast Processor. The Processor Is Every Time That An Operation Is Performed On A Laptop, Such As When A File Is Changed Or An Application Is Open, The Processor Must Interpret The Operating System Or Software’s Instructions. Depending On Its Capabilities, The Processing Operations Can Be Quicker Or Slower, And Have A Big Impact On What Is Called The Processing Speed Of The CPU. The Processor Is The Heart Of The Laptop.

This Laptop Memory  Is 16 GB. This Memory Speed The Amount Of Time That It Takes Ram To Receive A Request From The Processor And Then Read Or Write Data. Along The Faster Ram, We  Increase The Speed At Which Memory Transfers Information To Other Components. Its Means Our Fast Processor Now Has An Equally Fast Way Of Talking To The Other Components,To Make Our Computer Much More Efficient.

This Memory Speed Is Measured In Megahertz (MHz), Millions Of Cycles Per Second So That It Can Be Compared To Our Processor’s Clock Speed. Its Dell Desktops And Laptops, Memory Speed Can Range From The Standard  All The Way Up To Speeds Of. The Speed Of Our Processor And The Bus Speed Of The System Motherboard Are The Limiting Factors On The Speed Of Ram Installed In Our System. These Memory Upgrades Are Limited By The Capability Of The System And The Availability Of Expansion Slots For Adding Ram. In Lots Of Cases, Its Upgrading Ram May Involve Replacing Existing Ram Modules With Larger Modules Again Limited By The Capability Of The System.

This Laptop’s Standing Screen Display Size Is 13 Inches And Its Screen Is  With Full Hd Ips Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 1tb, Its Graphics Result Is Brilliant.


  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • 13-inch FHD
  • 16GB RAM
  • 1TB SSD Storage
  • Magic Keyboard
  • Windows 10
  • Much-improved keyboard
  • Apple doubled the base storage
  • Four Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • Low-quality camera
  • Limited port variety
  • No support for Wi-Fi 6

6.Asus Proart Studio book 17 Best Laptop for Digital Art

This Asus Proart Studio book 17 Mobile Workstation Laptop Is The Most Powerful And Reliable Laptop Instant Shareability. Because Digital Art Creation Is Already Stored On A Digital Device, It Is Easier For Artists To Share Their Work In Its Highest Form. Work Can Be Shared Digitally On Websites And Through Social Media Instantly. It’s a Laptop Processor Brand Name Is Intal. This Intel Core I7-9750h Processor Which Comes with 12m Cache And You will Get speed Up To 4.5 GHz On This Laptop.

At the MEmory Side This laptop has 32gb DDDR4.The 32gb Will Leave  With Enough Headroom For A Decent Ram Disk. Also, Advanced Users Will Use Virtual Machines, Usually To Test New Software, Or To Facilitate A Potentially Malicious Program. Its Run A Multiple Vm’s More Ram Is Highly Recommended. For Most Adept Laptop Users, 16gb Is The Most We Will Ever Need.

This Laptop’s Standing Screen Display Size Is 17inches  And Its Screen Resolution Is 1920 X 1200 Pixels With Full Hd Ips Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is512gb+512gb Raid-0 Ssd. Its Laptop Graphic Coprocessor Is Nvidia Geforce Rtx 2060.This Graphics Is The Rtx 2060 Is A Great Graphics Card To Buy, And Despite Being Far Less Pricey Than The Top Gpus On The Market, It Can Still Run Modern Games With Fantastic Graphics And Render 4k Videos, And It Can Even Deliver Next-gen Real-time Ray Tracing In Supported Games.


  • 17” 16:10 Nano Edge Bezel
  • Intel Core i7-9750H
  • 32GB DDR4
  • 512GB SSD (2)
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Beautiful 16:10 aspect ratio screen.
  • Great video editing performance.
  • Uninspiring keyboard.
  • Only one Thunderbolt 3 port.

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7.Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 Best Laptop For Digital Art

This Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop, Is Very Stylish And Amazing In Performance, Its Processor Brand Name Is Amd And Its Processor Count Is 1, Efficient AMD Ryzen 5 3500u Mobile Processor, We Can Work, Stream, And Game For Hours, Along With Radeon Vega 8 For Fast Video And Photo Editing. Including HDMI Its Processor Is Also Best For The Digital Art.

This Laptop Memory Is 12gb DDR4, For Those Who Want To Push The Boundaries Of A Laptops Capabilities And Run Several Large Programs At Once, 12gb Ram Laptops, 12gb Ram Laptops, Ram Laptops, Or Even 64gb Are Considerable Options. If We’re An Average Laptop User Outside Of Heavy Data Processing, We Probably Won’t Need More Than 8 To 12gb Of Laptop Ram.

This Laptop’s Standing Screen Display Size Is 14inches And Its Screen Resolution Is 1920×1080 Pixels With Full Hd Ips Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 256gb.  The Put It Into Tent Or Stand Mode To Binge Our Favorite Streaming Shows Or Share A Movie With Friends As The Radeon Vega Integrated Graphics Bring You Amazing Performance On The Go. Our Windows 10 Laptop Comes With Comprehensive, The Built-in Security Features, Including Firewall And Internet Protections To Help Safeguard Against Viruses, Malware, And Ransomware. It’s Family Options And Parental Controls Will Help Us To Protect Our Kids Online, Keep Track Of Their Activities On The Laptop Tablet, And Help Set Good Screen Time Habits. Combining Fast Processing Speed And Multimedia Performance, This Laptop Lenovo Flex 14 Is A Great Laptop For A College Student, Gaming Enthusiast, Or For All Types Of Everyday Use. Refer Instruction Manual For Troubleshooting Steps. Its Battery Life Is Amazing, This Laptop Is Best For Digital Art.


  •  14 Inch FHD Touchscreen Display
  • AMD Ryzen 5 3500U
  • 12GB DDR4 RAM
  • 256GB NVMe SSD
  • Windows 10
  • Appealing design for the price
  • Overall good build quality
  • Available mSATA slot
  • Large
  • CPU suffers slightly from throttling
  • Keyboard keys feel very light
  • No higher resolution options

8.New HP Pavilion 2-in-1 Best Laptop For Digital Art

This  New Hp Pavilion 2-in-1 15.6 Is Best For Digital Art And Bitter And In Amazing Working Performance, Its Processor Brand Name Is Intel, Count 4, Intel Core I5-8265u Its  Processor GHz Base Frequency, Up To 3.9 GHz With Intel Turbo Boost Technology. This Processor HAs 6 Mb Cache and Having 4 Cores Which Allows You To Do Multitasking On This Device. 

Its Processor Will Be Therefore A Great Choice For Those Who Want Fast Laptop Computing Without Sacrificing Portability Or Battery Life. Its Really User Benchmark System Test Also Shows The Processor Is Close Performance-wise To The Power-hungry 45-watt Quad-core I5 And I7 Hq Series.

This Laptop Memory Type Is Ddr4 Sdram,Ram(Random Access Memory ) Is 8gb. It’s Adequate.  We Should Be Able To Run Most Pc Applications Fine In 12gb Of Ram. That Memory  Only Provides A Performance Improvement Over 8gb If You Are Actually Using More Than 8gb. It’s Increasing The System Speed.

This Laptop’s Standing Screen Display Size Is 15.6  And Its Screen Resolution Is 1366×768 With Full Hd Ips Result. Its  Flash Memory Size Is 512gb.Its Laptop Graphic Coprocessor Is Intel Uhd Graphics 620, This Graphic Card Performance Is Perfect For Normal Usage. 

It’s Wireless Connectivity: Realtek 802.11b/G/N/A/Ac (2×2) And Bluetooth 4.2 Combo, Hp Wide Vision Hd Camera With Integrated Dual Array Digital Microphone. Theb&O Play, Hp Audio Boost, Dual Speakers, Windows 10 Home 64bit, Its Laptop Does Not Include A Built-in Dvd/Cd Drive.


  • 2-in-1 15.6″ HD Touchscreen
  • Intel i5-8265U
  • 8GB RAM
  • 512GB SSD
  • Intel UHD Graphic
  • Windows 10
  • Solid productivity performance
  • Spectacular battery life
  • Lightweight
  • ouchpad still isn’t Microsoft Precision
  • Dim screen for a premium system

9.Acer Spin 1 Best Laptop For Digital Art

Acer Spin 1 Sp111-33-c6uv 11.6-inch Is Modern And Fast Processor,Its Processor Brand Name Is Intel And Its Count Is 2.Its Processor Is Intel Celeron N4000 1.1 GHz Dual-core. This Processor Is The Intel Celeron N4000 Is A Lower-end Processor We Can Find In Affordable Laptop Pcs. As A Basic Cpu, That’s Has Only Two Cores With A Single Computing Thread Per Core. Furthermore, Thanks To Its Good Thermal Characteristics The N4000 Enables Fully Fan-less And Totally Quiet Designs Of Notebooks With It.

This Laptop Memory Is 4GB.This Ram Is Obviously, As Good Geeks That We Are, Want To Do With Our Smartphone And Laptops , But All At The Same Time. This Ram Therefore Essential To Have Components That Hold Water. That Are Becoming More Demanding, Games Require A Lot Of Power To Deliver Impressive Graphics, The Quality Of Photos And Videos Is Remarkable.

This Laptop’s Standing Screen Display Size Is11.6 And Its Screen Resolution Is 1366 X 768 With Full Hd Ips Result. Its Flash Memory Size Is 64GB. This Laptop Graphic Coprocessor Is Intel Uhd Graphics 600 Lpddr4 Shared Graphics. The UHD Graphics 600 Offers A Similar Performance As The Apollo Lake Socs (Same Gen 9 Architecture). So The Gpu Is Only Suited For Some Very Low Demanding Games Like Dirt Rally Or Sims 4.

The Video Engine Decodes H.265/Hevc (8b And 10b) And Vp9 Completely In Hardware. Up To Three Displays Can Be Connected Via Dp 1.2a/Edp 1.3 Or HDMI 2.0a (Including Hdcp 2.2).


  • Acer Spin 1 SP111
  • 11.6-Inch HD IPS Touch
  • Processor N4000
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64GB Storage
  • Windows 10 S 
  • Great 1080p touch display.
  • Long battery life.
  • Nice fit and finish.
  • Heavy for its size.
  • Ho-hum VGA webcam.
  • Scanty storage.

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10.Acer Chromebook Spin 11 Best Laptop For Digital Art

This Acer Chromebook Spin 11 Cp311-1h-c5pn Convertible Laptop Is Very Best For The Digital Art. It’s Laptops All Fractures Are Latest And Modern It’s All Equipment Are Powerful. This Laptop Processor Brand Name Is Intel And Its Processor Count Is 1, Its Processor Is Convertible Chromebook With Intel Celeron N3350, 11.6. This Processor The Intel Celeron N3350 Is An Entry-level Processor (Cpu) For Notebooks. What Can Be Found In Various Inexpensive Laptop Models. Its Maximal Clock Speed Of 2.4 GHz The 2mb Of Cache, The Celeron N3350 Provides Very Basic Performance. That Is Suitable Only For Non-demanding Routine Computing Tasks.

You, Will, get 4gb Of Memory. The 4gb Of Ram Is Also The Assurance Of Being Able To Support All The Improvements Of Our Devices. Nowadays The Technology Is Very Fast And Many Smartphones Are For Example Able To Film In Full Hd Quality. While The Latest Versions Can Shoot In Ultra Hd. The Main Advantage Of This Technology. The 4gb Of Ram Is Almost Essential. At The End For Combining Capture Ultra Hd, A High-performance, Multi-task, And Increased Performance.

This Laptop’s Standing Screen Display Size Is 11.6 And Its Screen Resolution Is 1366 X 768 Pixels With Full Hd Ips Result. Its Flash Memory Size Is 32GB, Emmc. Chromebooks Come With Built-in Storage For Offline Access To Our Most Important Files And An Additional 100GBOf Google Drive Space To Ensure That All Of Our Files Are Backed Up Automatically. Its Cell Li-ion Battery (3490 Mah), Up To 10-hours Battery Life.


  • CP311-1H-C5PN Convertible Laptop
  • Celeron N3350
  • 11.6″ HD Touch
  • 4GB DDR4
  • 32GB eMMC
  • Google Chrome
  • An affordable price
  • Solid performance
  • Comfy keyboard
  • Not Brighter Screen
  • Dim display
  • Below-average battery life
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