Why Are Macbooks So Expensive?

It is True that Macbooks Are so expensive than windows or other laptops. You can buy 3 laptops at the price of a MacBook. Why Macbooks are so expensive. Here we will go through all the reasons that why are Macbooks So Expensive? If we compare the price with the Windows laptops. You will get a windows laptop with good hardware specifications in the range of $400 – $600. And at the other side, the MacBook is in the Price range of $900. So it’s clear that Macbooks are really expensive for a normal person nowadays too.

And on the other side apple company design their phones too. And in the Competition of Android, the apple iPhones are really expensive, like the Macbooks laptops. And in the list below we will take a look at Every factor that is why the Windows Devices are cheap. And we briefly explain that why the Apple Devices are so expensive than the other Devices which are available with low price range so good Hardware specification.

1.Apple Device Has long Life

Apple Devices like MacBook And apple iPhone build with Good Stuff and also the hardware specification are so good. Once you pay the price. You will get the value. And mostly apple MacBook is used for a long time. You can use the apple  MacBook for 4-6 years without any issue. Because apple Provides the Best quality processor and Other hardware. Which can gives you amazing performance for a long time. And At the OS side, you definitely get Updates and new features On your MacBook device. You can use fresh OS with the latest features with keep updates from Apple.

2. Good Processor (Speed and Performance)

This is one of the major things that we are going to talk about. As you know a processor is one of the major things in a laptop. Once you purchase the Device, and after using it in Few years. You think that up-grade the Device. And the apple Devices comes with a Good Processor that can give you the same speed and performance for a long time. And you don’t need to worry or upgrade for a long time. That is why the apple MacBook is expensive because they provide a good processor that will give you the same performance for a long time.

3. Best Battery backup

The battery is another major factor for a laptop. A laptop with low battery timing becomes a problem for you. And Apple devices come with the best battery life. And you can get fast charging features that allow the device to charge Quickly and you can use the laptop for a long time. Apple provides you Quality battery in the laptop that long lasts and you don’t Take care of the back. This is another reason that apple Macbooks are so expensive.  

4. Customer Service Support

This is one of the major reasons that why apple Macbooks are so expensive. If we look at the other cheapest laptop brands. They do not have such Greater customer service support. You can get amazing customer service support online and offline too. If your laptop has a problem. First of all, you can connect and chat with them online with apple customer service. And also, there are some physical branches are major cities. Where you can go and get the solution of your problem quickly.  

5.Build Quality

Now here we are talking about one of the best reasons that make apple devices more worthy and expensive. If we compare apple devices with some other cheapest laptops then you definitely clear that the build quality of Macbooks is really the best. And apple MacBook comes with good hardware specifications. As we mention above that apple’s device has good hardware that will help you for a long time.  So you can say that build quality is the reason that is Whey apple Laptops are so expensive than the other normal laptops.

6. Safe and Secure

Apple Macbooks comes with some security features that allow you to keep protecting your laptop. You can get a fingerprinter and Face ID which will More Secure your device. and on the other side, the Mac OS is safe than the windows OS. Most Windows laptops are affected by Different Computer viruses and malware. And on the Mac OS side, you will get a few viruses and such kinds Of security risks. you

7.Device Flexibility to Connect with Other family Devices

This is the best thing available in apple All Devices. These devices run in a deque system where you can control all the devices remotely with another device. If you have MacBook And Apple watch. You can access the Data into the apple watch with MacBook laptops. You can say that this is an amazing thing. You can control your phones with a laptop or watch. Or do so anything from another Apple device. That will save your time and also you can do your work at any ware any time without any issue.

These are the major factors that are why apple Macbooks are so expensive. Apple Devices has amazing Build quality, Most protect Devices, and provides you amazing speed and performance with their Good hardware specification.

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