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Laptop overheating and the fans running all time can be a very annoying problem and might cause system instability and permanent component damage. It is normal for laptop fans to run after turning on your laptop, they are there to protect your laptop from overheating by cooling it down through continuous air circulation. Even though the fans are meant to cool down your laptop, they might get a little more aggressive on their job than you need them to be.

Why Does My Laptop Fan Keep Running All Time

In this article we will try to answer why does my laptop fan keeps running all the time and how can you solve this annoying problem.

Thing That you Should Know About laptop Fans Running

let’s start with few facts about laptop fans that might reveal some insight into if your fans are running excessively or not:

  • Laptop processors tend to run hotter than desktop processors because of its limited space for air circulation and the fact that it is used on your lap.
  • Your battery power is one of the main factors which determine how much heat your processor produces while working on AC power versus on battery power . It doesn’t whether you’re gaming on AC power or battery power , the heat is always the same on either connection.
  • Different laptop models have different number of fans and cooling systems, depending on their design and processor type.
  • Laptop fans are usually passive components which mean they don’t need to be controlled by some computer mechanism in order for them to run or not, only way for you to control your fans is through BIOS settings.

Why does my laptop fan keep running all the time?

 Fan running constantly even when the computer has been idle for a long period of time? Your laptop might have overheating problems if its fan keeps running constantly even after sitting idle for a long period of time.

This problem might be caused by a faulty fan or clogged laptop vents which don’t allow enough airflow. You can try to clean your laptop vents and check if the problem is solved after that, if not, consider buying a new fan for replacement.

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Fan making weird noises?

If your laptop fan is making weird noises or its speed varies randomly, it means it’s about to go bad. Replacing fans usually costs less than repairing some other components of your laptop so if you’re encountering this kind of problem don’t wait too long before deciding for a replacement.

Fans constantly running even when system is idle?

This might be something more serious than just overheating issues because it might indicate a problem with your laptop’s motherboard. If this is the case, we suggest you bring your laptop to an expert and let it be checked properly, otherwise, further damage to your components might occur which could result in an expensive repair.

Laptop overheating?

After turning on your laptop and letting it idle for a short period of time, take a look at its vents and see how hot it gets. You should never allow your computer to get hotter than 115 F after working on it for a few minutes because any temperature above this threshold will put unnecessary strain on internal components which can lead to permanent damage.

If you’re using a laptop as a desktop replacement, you should provide some space below it for air circulation, don’t put it on your legs because the heat that’s coming from the laptop’s vent is not a healthy temperature to keep it close to your skin for a long period of time.

Laptop becoming very slow after extended use?

If you feel like your laptop is acting weird since yesterday and today it is getting even worse, chances are high that you have some malware running in the background that will need an anti-malware tool to be removed.

You can try using Windows “Task Manager” or any similar task manager for complete, this should help you identify which process consumes too many resources from your laptop’s CPU and memory so you can shut them down by ending the task which will likely get your laptop back to normal.

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Laptop fans running loudly?

If your laptop’s cooling system is working properly, you should barely hear its fans when they are idle, the only way for you to hear them should be when doing heavy work on your machine which could increase heat production.

However, if there is a problem with either the fan or the fan controller, this might result in loud noise coming from your laptop so take it to an expert and have it checked before further damage occurs.

Fan constantly spinning up/down?

Every few minutes our two CPU cores switch between operating at different speeds depending on the laptop’s temperature. This means that if your CPU speed keeps changing every few minutes, there is a problem with your laptop’s fan or the thermal compound which connects CPU to its heat sink. Over time, this can cause permanent damage to your CPU so you need to replace the faulty part ASAP.

Laptop weird noises?

Weird sounds coming from your laptop don’t necessarily mean it’s going bad but in some cases, these sounds indicate problems with specific internal components such as a hard drive or a RAM module. In order to find out what causes these strange sounds, you will have to open up your computer and check if there are any loose screws, metal things, or dust bunnies that are causing these noises.

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Why laptops Fan won’t turn on?

This is a problem that’s often caused by a clogged heat sink or broken fan, both of which can be relatively easy to fix if you have some experience working with electronic peripherals and components. However, if you’re not sure what to do, take your laptop to an expert who will be able to get it fixed in no time at all using spare parts from another computer.


In This Article, We share with you why doe my laptop fans keep running all the time.  on some laptop models, the fan is on only when the system is under heavy load.

on some other laptop models, the fan stays running all time because of two reasons: first, it’s necessary to cool down your CPU and graphics card; second, laptop manufacturers turn on fans all time to prevent dust build up inside your computer case.

to find out which one you have, please read the article about things you must do after buying a laptop. if you are still not sure why does my laptop fan keeps running, ask us in the comment section below. thank you for reading this post! Thanks!

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